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        I'm happy to announce that Blood Moon, the third book in my "Eternal Moon" series,  was named Best Paranormal Romance2021 - by Book Buyer's Best Award. I'm very pleased and humbled by this honor.

         I'm also thrilled to announce Embrace the Moon, the 4th and final book in my Eternal Moon series, is up for pre-sale now on Amazon. Release date is December 4, 2021. I hope you'll check it out!




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     When Ethan Sawyer’s intense attraction to the enchanting Skyler turns into a whole lot more, the popular country music star is ready to leave his wild bachelor days behind. But a serious relationship with a musician could be a bridge too far for the daughter of a famous rock and roll icon, cut down by a drug overdose in his prime.

     Skyler has broken every promise she ever made to herself by falling in love with the last person on earth she should be with, a man who makes his living on the stage. When the media frenzy over them as a couple gets too hot for Skyler to handle, she has to take a step back and reevaluate her choices. Ethan’s willing to fight for the woman he loves, but how can he compete with a ghost and the heartache left in the wake of his tragic death?

     Even if Ethan can convince Skyler that they can successfully navigate the pitfalls of his very public career to find their own happily ever, how will he explain the secret he’s been keeping about what’s buried in his DNA? A sizzling romance that will make you laugh, make you cry, and leave you wanting more.




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