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 Come along with me for a little Romance and Adventure!

​     Welcome to my website. I have some exciting news to share with you!         


     I'm pleased to announce the release of the first book in my brand new Rockstar Romance Duet. The Long Road Home is a passionate, emotionally-charged story reuniting two high school sweethearts torn from each other's arms at eighteen, only to get a second chance at love thirteen years later.​​               ​

They parted in bitter anger years ago. Will a second chance spark the beautiful melody of forever?

Luke Stillwater is in crisis mode. After his best friend and bandmate's tragic death, the world-famous singer fiercely craves changes in his career and personal life. So when returning to his roots reunites him with the only woman he has ever loved, he vows never to let her go.

Jenna Sims has made a lot of mistakes. And though she doesn't entirely regret her marriage to a philandering college professor due to their charming daughter, her divorce can't come fast enough. When the globally-acclaimed rockstar she still pines for after all this time shows up in their small Oregon hometown, she finally gets a chance to rectify one of the biggest blunders of her life.

While bonding  with her delightful eight-year-old, Luke hopes to atone for past sins and recapture the love he and Jenna once shared, if only he can steer clear of an insatiable press obsessed with celebrity scandal. And Jenna fears she's risking her long-sought dream of independence as she battles media frenzy, a hostile ex...and a shocking betrayal.

Will their longed-for reconciliation just lead to another goodbye?


 Please go on to the BOOKS page to read about my other books, including my award-winning Eternal Moon Series. Blood Moon was named Best Paranormal Romance of 2021 by Book Buyer's Best Award. 


You'll find excerpts from all my books and so much more!


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